Synergy Prosthetics

Synergy Prosthetics is the premier “MOBILE” Prosthetics provider in California servicing amputees where they reside minimizing downtime without their prosthetic device.

Mobility is One Call Away!

The Synergy Difference for Prosthetics and Orthotic Devices

Synergy Prosthetics delivers care to their patients where they reside. Their mobile practitioner vehicles are equipped with all the tools needed to make adjustments on-site.

Benefits of Choosing Synergy

  • Over 463 patients served in San Diego/SoCal, The Bay Area and Central Valley in one year
  • Patient care vehicles allow for greater access to patients in rural areas
  • Patients are evaluated and fitted for their device from the comfort of their home or care facility
  • Patients keep their device and remain on therapy caseload as adjustments are performed on-site, which ensures that the patient remains active and motivated
  • Reduces the potential risk of falls since the patient is not without their device
  • Maximizes therapy time increasing motivation and better overall health
  • Routine follow-up protocols help to identify any issues and allows for preventative measures ensuring that each patient achieves a healthier lifestyle
  • Provides a substantially more successful recovery and reduces healthcare expenses
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Certified Prosthetists

American Board Certification logo
  • Synergy Prosthetics has dedicated American Board Certified (ABC) clinicians that go to patient’s homes to fit and instruct them on their device usage and proper maintenance.
  • Certified AOPA (Amputee Coalition of America) Peer Support Counselors have personally dealt with amputation and as a result can provide extra emotional support to the patient with a deep level of understanding and empathy.
  • By having a one month, three months and six month mandatory follow up protocol, Synergy Prosthetics provides the payer substantial savings by reducing redundant costs of patients that require additional devices in a abnormally short period of time due to non-compliancy and ignoring health related best practices which all amputees should be following.
  • Directors of Patient Care (DOPC) serve as patient advocates and are a direct communication channel between referral sources, surgeons, therapists and patients, unifying all aspects of the patients experience.
  • The combination of systems, service, timely delivery and education are what make Synergy Prosthetics uniquely better than the competition.

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Advanced Prosthetics Technology

A prosthetic and orthotic technician building a prosthetic device
  • Synergy Prosthetics owns and operates their own central fabrication laboratory where ABC Certified Prosthetic and Orthotic Technicians manufacture and hand build each device.
  • Synergy uses the latest technology, including 3D scanners in the field to obtain a perfect cast, files are then immediately sent to their 3D printers which produce patient check sockets the same day the patient is evaluated speeding up the entire care process
  • Use of these technologies provides quicker turnaround time than their competitors, the majority of competitors use regional fabrication facilities which delay service greatly and introduce considerable down time for the patient.
  • Patient adjustment requests can be filled within 24-48 hours out of our mobile equipped units.
  • Proprietary CRM & EMR tools provide referring physicians with their own internal portals to share records and patient outcomes.
  • Patient paperwork and documentation is completed more efficiently because our DOPC staff actually visits the referring physicians and collects patient paperwork in person eliminating the long wait for patient paperwork.

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Key Providers & Physician Referrals

Synergy Prosthetics works with hundreds of physicians and specialists, including many large hospital systems. Here are a few on our list.

  • Magnolia Post Acute & Rehab Center
  • Advantage Rehab Solutions
  • Granite Hills El Cajon
  • Avocado Post Acute El Cajon
  • LifeHouse, San Diego
  • Dr. Yoshinobu Mifune, Loma Linda University
  • UC Davis Vascular Group
  • Excell DPT
  • Willow Glen
  • Windsor Healthcare
  • Capital Transitional Care
  • Lincoln Meadows Care Center
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