Above Knee Prosthetic Leg Bay AreaSynergy Prosthetics offers state-of-the-art above-knee prosthetic legs in the Bay Area. Their convenient, mobile environment provides customers with personalized care and high-quality prosthetics that improve health outcomes. Synergy’s Synergy Preventive Care Solutions Program creates significant savings for payor and provider partners. If you or a loved one is in need of an above-knee prosthetic leg in the Bay Area, Synergy Prosthetics can help. Above Knee Prosthetic Leg Bay Area

Free COVID Vaccination Berwyn


We’ve created eight permanent locations, each of which has an incredible story and was offered as a gift by the communities we serve. We’ve also built mobile teams that can work across the State, ready to be deployed as new hotspots arise. We’re dedicated to our neighbors, and have partnered with a variety of organizations and leaders including local and County Health Departments, school districts, the City of Chicago and its Aldermen, food banks, Brookfield Zoo, and professional organizations like the Chicago Medical Society. Prism.org

Hospice Plano


Why hire AmeriPrime Hospice in Plano for end-of-life care? We’ll keep your loved one comfortable with pain relief medications so you can spend quality time together creating cherished moments and memories. With Plano Hospice, there are no out-of-pocket costs if you’re covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Ameriprimehospice.com

Small Business Health insurance Fort Worth


Small Business Health insurance in Fort Worth from Honor Insurance would love the opportunity to answer your questions and help you obtain affordable coverage. While it’s true that the costs of health insurance are rising, it’s equally true that partnering with the right agency can save you thousands of dollars each year. Honor Insurance Agency LLC

Colorado Treatment Centers


Red Rock Recovery Center
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Why do so many Colorado treatment centers still offer 30-day programs when evidence suggests a longer time in rehab is far better? Red Rock Recovery Centers knows that 30 days is often too short to lead to lifelong freedom from addiction. Our 120-day program is the best treatment option for beating addiction.