Life with Below the Knee Prosthetic

Synergy Patient by his custom car

Eldon Templonuevo’s New Life After Getting His Prosthetic Leg

SanDiego Synergy patient Eldon Templonuevo is an amazing story filled with inspiration and motivation.  After battling for over a year through multiple operations to save his leg, Eldon made the decision to amputate. Living with constant pain and wound issues was an ongoing struggle for Eldon and he just wanted his freedom back. As it is for many trauma amputees the unknown was Eldon’s biggest fear. He was apprehensive about the entire proposition, what would his new life as an amputee be like? Would he be able to ride motorcycles ever again?  Would he be able to fish the same way he always has, how would he navigate the gym and his workout routine? When Eldon first came to Synergy Prosthetics he was quiet and reserved but it did not take long for our entire staff to see Eldon’s true character come alive.

The First Prosthetics Fitting in Our San Diego Office

Eldon got up and walked unassisted on his very first check socket fitting in our San Diego office. He came in on crutches with no prosthetic and left walking under his own power with no crutches. Thirty days later Synergy Prosthetics delivered Eldon his very first definitive prosthetic leg.  Within a few short weeks, Eldon was back to his normal routine, fishing, hitting the gym and living his life. Pictured here with his custom hand-painted tattooed socket created by Synergy Prosthetics and Vanessa Capito, Synergy’s practice manager, Eldon is a textbook example of what a positive attitude and healthy outlook on life can accomplish.

Eldon has touched everyone at Synergy and we are all super proud of him!

To all amputees out there or patients about to be amputees, Synergy has peer counselors that are here and willing to help you through your situation. Our entire staff is invested in our patients and we stop at nothing to make their experience a special one. If you don’t believe us, just ask Eldon…

Pictured above Eldon is wearing the Freedom Agilix Prosthetic Foot, Category 6 Size 27cm, from Freedom Innovations. The custom socket and leg created and built by Synergy Prosthetics.  

Maximum Shock Value

The Agilix™ is a multi-axial, shock-absorbing flexible foot system designed to manage loading impacts, reduce socket shear forces and improve comfort while walking on nearly any terrain. The ultra-lightweight design offers K3 ambulators shockingly comfortable performance at a value like no other.

  • Water-resistant



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