Synergy Prosthetics is proud to partner with Human Plant Solutions

Synergy is proud to partner with Human Plant Solution

Synergy Prosthetics is excited to partner up with a great company offering alternative more sustainable materials for the construction of our prosthetics.

Human Plant Solutions utilizes natural Fibers to create patent pending alternative materials used for conventional ultra light composites for prosthetic and device manufacturing. The first hemp fiber definitive device prototype for a high activity, below knee amputee was developed in 2017. The patient has been wearing the original prototype device since then, competing in competitive events including a 70.3 Ironman race and most recently this pats year’s virtual Boston Marathon.

Synergy Prosthetics Alongside Human plant solutions have provided clients with prosthetics that are made with Eco-Resin, several EcoTek resins that use up to 30% bio-derived, renewable resources. RECYCLED CONTENT Up to 45% of our resin content can be post-industrial recycled material. Also, there is NO-Glass used for the prosthetics, the natural fiber approach possess a high strength to weight ratio, non-corrosive nature, high fracture toughness, renewability, and sustainability, the natural fiber is 84% hemp 16% Eco-Nylon.

Synergy Prosthetics and Human Plant Solutions share a similar vision which is to improve the lives of customers via affordable, effective, strong and sustainable prosthetic Solutions as well as move in to markets that will develop products proudly labeled “Made in the USA”

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