Guidelines for Skin Care/Diabetic Foot Care


  • BUY only shoes that fit your feet! Have new shoes fit by a professional. Walk around in shoes. Inspect both feet in and out of the shoes to be sure of fit.
  • BUY new shoes late in the day. Feet swell and shoes that fit in the morning may be too tight later.
  • CHOOSE shoes with soft leather or athletic-type material that can mold to the shape of your feet.
  • NEVER buy sandals or shoes with open toes.
  • NEVER wear new shoes more than two hours at a time.
  • ALWAYS inspect the inside of your shoes before wearing.



  • NEVER wear shoes without socks or stockings.
  • WEAR socks of 100% synthetic material for wicking away moisture.
  • WEAR only clean socks without holes or darn. You may wear socks inside out to avoid heavy seam pressure.



  • INSPECT your feet daily. Use a mirror and pay close attention to soles and between toes. Ask a family member to help for extra careful inspection.
  • WASH your feet daily. Test the water first with your forearm or elbow to be sure it is not too hot.
  • IF your feet are dry, apply moisturizing cream immediately after bathing. Don’t get the cream between your toes.
  • DO NOT use garters or elastics to hold socks.
  • DO NOT use garters or elastics to hold socks.
  • NEVER go barefoot, either indoors or outdoors.


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