Corset Care

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Corset Use And Care Instructions

A Corset is often prescribed to help relieve lower or mid level back pain. It works by supporting the back and abdominal muscles, which allows them to rest and heal. It also limits motion in the painful region of the back.

How to use your corset

  • Wear a snug fitting cotton tee shirt under your Corset; it will absorb perspiration, protect your skin and keep the Corset clean.
  • Wear the Corset as low as possible on your torso. If the Corset has plastic or metal stays, make sure they remain parallel to your spine.
  • Wear the Corset as snugly as possible to provide the maximum support to your stomach and back.
  • Corsets have a tendency to “ride up” on your body as the day progresses. As you sit, your hips become wider and push the Corset up. You will need to readjust your Corset during the day to ensure proper positioning.
  • Fasten the snaps or hook and eyes on the front panel, starting at the bottom and working your way up. It may be easier to fasten the Corset if you lie down (because your stomach flattens).
  • Tighten the side adjustment straps, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top strap.
    To remove your Corset, reverse the above procedures.

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How to care for your corset

Your Corset should be washed weekly. Follow the instructions on the tag sewn into the Corset or wash it by hand in warm water and mild soap. Rinse well and allow it to AIR DRY. DO NOT PUT YOUR CORSET IN THE DRYER.

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