About the PedWell Program

Traditionally, the Diabetic Shoe industry has been consumer-focused and delivered through a retail model. Synergy’s unique, PedWell Program focuses on foot health in diabetic populations associated with Synergy partnership organizations. Although the Synergy model does serve individual consumers, our approach is based on a business-to-business model working directly with health plans, health systems, employers, pharmacies, and senior health organizations. Through our network of Qualified Fitters, the PedWell Program promotes foot health by preventing the development of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) through the provision of high-quality therapeutic shoes and orthotic inserts. For customer convenience, our services are delivered in various locations which include provider clinics, senior facilities, offices, and private homes.

A key component of the PedWell Program is our network of Qualified Fitters. Our Fitters serve as the face of PedWell as they operate as our on-site service team providing the fitting and product delivery services. Network Participation Qualifications
Numerous health professionals/clinicians, as well as specifically-trained para- professionals, have the opportunity to join the PedWell network as a Qualified Fitter.

The following professions are eligible to participate:

In addition to meeting the clinical/service requirements, network participants must meet and
follow all Synergy policies and procedures as well as Synergy partner/client business
requirements and guidelines.

The Role of the PedWell Network Provider

Once a network applicant is designated as a Qualified Fitter and considered a network
participant, the Fitter is registered in the Synergy operating platform which indicates the Fitter is
eligible to provide services on behalf of PedWell. At this point, the Qualified Fitter will begin
receiving assignments from Synergy.

During the initial on-site visit with a Synergy customer, the Qualified Fitter will perform an
assessment of the customer’s feet and check for signs of inflammation, discoloration, swelling,
and reduced sensation, and the Fitter will gather specific measurements and moldings/scans
needed for fitting the customer with therapeutic shoes and orthotic inserts.

Once the insert fabrication is complete. Synergy will notify the Fitter that the delivery
appointment may be scheduled. During the second visit, the Qualified Fitter ensures that the shoe
and insert fit the customer properly without any areas of friction that could create a breakdown in
skin integrity. Following the acceptance of the product by the customer, Synergy submits the
claim to the payor for payment of the service.

When the customer is eligible for a reorder, Synergy will initiate the reorder process and contact
the Qualified Fitter to notify the customer and schedule a fitting appointment.


Benefits of Participating in the PedWell Provider Network

The following Synergy Program features create value for PedWell participating providers.




Working with Synergy as a PedWell Network Participant

Providers interested in working with Synergy as a Qualified Fitter have two options for

A Provider may choose the participation model of their choice and, in either scenario, a
Qualified Fitter may continue to operate their independent business. Under both models,
Network Participants will be required to follow all Synergy/PedWell and Synergy Client
requirements, such as general and professional liability insurance coverage as well as HIPPA and
other relevant training provided/required by Synergy.
To obtain more detail regarding PedWell Provider Network participation, please contact us at (866)203-9810