PHP Rehab Prescott

By choosing a PHP rehab in Prescott, you’ll have more flexibility in your private life while you get help for addiction. You’ve probably heard a lot about IOP programs but you may not know that PHP (Partial Hospitalization Programs) are also an option if you want to continue living at home during rehab. Our PHP at Wolf Creek Recovery is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Counselors from our treatment center will help you choose the right program based on the severity of your addiction and your responsibilities at home. Call Wolf Creek Recovery now at 833-732-8202 to take the first step.

5 Things You Need To Know About PHP Rehab In Prescott

1. PHP is sometimes called day treatment because it doesn’t require an overnight stay in rehab. If you have a steady job or are worried about the impact an inpatient rehab program will have on your career, PHP drug and alcohol use treatment could be the ideal solution for you. Alternatively, Intensive Outpatient Programs, although termed an intensive protocol, have fewer requirements than a PHP.

2. Some of the best drug addiction treatment centers in AZ offer PHP in an outpatient setting. If you want to live at home while getting help for an addiction, a PHP rehab in Prescott can provide the structure and support necessary to stay on track to reaching your goals. Most PHP programs require daily attendance in counseling sessions and therapy; you can read more about the requirements of our program at WCR when you review our website.

3. PHPs are ideal as step-down programs when transitioning from inpatient rehab to home life. If you’re medically stable and are not at risk of harming yourself or others, contact Wolf Creek Recovery to discuss our PHP as a substance abuse treatment program that could keep you on track to recovery.

4. You won’t get bored in PHP. Top drug rehab centers make Partial Hospitalization Programs enjoyable by integrating engaging programs as a part of their curriculum. Along with 12-step meetings and individual & group counseling at Wolf Creek Recovery, you’ll take part in outdoor therapy that builds positive relationships, improves self-awareness, and helps to develop healthy coping skills. Read more about therapies offered at WCR or contact admissions at 833-732-8202.

5. You may not be required to stay overnight in rehab if your detox symptoms are mild and able to be managed at home. Counselors from our PHP rehab in Prescott will assess the severity of your addiction to determine whether you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically able to take on several hours of counseling and therapy several times per week.

Recover from addiction on your terms at Wolf Creek Recovery, a rehab patients rated as the best drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona. Don’t wait to get help for addiction- the sooner you call, the sooner you’ll find your feet on the path to recovery. You deserve a life that is free from addiction and the risks associated with an addicted lifestyle.

PHP Rehab Prescott

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PHP Rehab Prescott

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