Cleaning & Moisturizing

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What Is The Correct Way To Clean And Moisturize The Skin?

Cleansing of the skin needs to be done with gentle care. Use a Ph balanced product to prevent trauma and the drying/stripping of natural oils. Moisturize and/or lubricate the skin after bathing, at other times during the day, and at bedtime to help increase the skin’s softness and suppleness. This will also decrease the risk of trauma, friction, itching and general discomfort.

Cleansing Products:

  • May be in a cream, foam, gel, liquid, bar or lotion form.
  • May be soap-based or non-soap based.
  • May be medicated and available by prescription only.
  • Need to be natural with minimal to no preservatives.
  • May require water for application and rinsing.
  • Use lukewarm or room temperature (never hot) water.
  • Need to be removed gently and thoroughly.

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Moisturizing / Lubricating Products:

Read the label and know what products you are buying. These products:

  • Should not include alcohol in any form because it dries the skin.
  • May have a lanolin base. You should watch for skin sensitivity.
  • May contain perfumes (made from coal tars or seed kernels) or dyes that frequently irritate the skin.
  • May contain urea and lactic acid (alpha-hydroxy acid). The alphahydroxy acid in higher concentration may cause stinging of diabetic skin.