Synergy Prosthetics and Orthotics Provider Information

The Synergy difference is delivered through innovative care!

Mobility is one call away!
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Complete At-home Care With Private Physician Portal To Track Patient Progress

Complete Mobility

We deliver prosthetic care to our patients where they reside.  Our mobile practitioners are equipped with all the tools needed to make adjustments onsite, eliminating the need for leaving a patient without their prosthetic device overnight or for days at a time.

Extensive Coverage

Unified Circle Of Care

Synergy’s enhanced Prosthetics care model unifies all related points of care under one roof, delivering truly comprehensive care for prosthetic and orthotic patients.  We assist your patients through their entire care protocol and are with them every step of the way, ensuring they receive the proper care at the proper time.

Pre-amputation Consults With Patient

Mobility is one call away!
Get a free consultation.

Consistent And Timely Patient Follow Up At The Patient’s Residence

Personal guidance through each step of a patients process is critical when the goal is achieving excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction.  Synergy schedules and manages our patients entire continuum of care at their residence ensuring they receive the complete cycle of care needed where they reside, eliminating any chance of additional points of care being left out of the healing process or not following up in an effective manner.

Insurance Accepted

Most Insurance Plans Are Accepted


Access To The Latest Prosthetic Technologies

Excellent, Knowledgeable, And Personable Practitioners, Patient Care Directors And Peer Counselors


We maintain communication throughout the entire process with patient, physician and facility

Amputee Coalition Of America (Aca) Certified Peer Counselors

Consistent Feedback Given To The Physician’s Office