Treatment Centers In Hollywood FL

Drug addiction is considered a medical condition and since it is treatment needs to be available. This is why there are facilities in almost every city.  One of the Treatment Centers in Hollywood, FL is the Compassion Behavioral Health Center. You can find treatment centers in any setting. The length of your stay is dependant on many things. One factor is the patient history. Stuff like how severe the addiction is and how long you used drugs are fundamental. How hard you work and your progress during your treatment is a significant factor as well.  After detox, some need to go into an inpatient treatment center and other will be fine with an outpatient setting. Recovering from drug addiction and learning to live drug-free is hard work. The staff here at Compassion Behavioral Health understand this and will provide you with the therapy and support you will need to be successful.


Your doctor will work closely with you and can decide the type and length of treatment you need. The first step of any recovery program is detox. This takes place during the first few weeks of your stay. You will experience withdrawals during this time, and it is not safe to try to do this on your own. You need to be in the detox facility where there is a controlled environment with doctors and nurses to observe you. This is the time when the body disposes of any drugs that are in your system and reduces your dependency on them. Once detox is complete, you will continue your treatment, usually at an inpatient treatment center. Here you will still be watched, but there are more freedoms than in the detox center. You will attend therapy on a daily basis. Most provide both group and individual therapy.  During this entire process, you may need medications to help your rehab go smoother and with as little discomfort as possible.


Inpatient Treatment Centers in FL provide the most restrictive environment after detox. After you are there for about a thirty-day average. The next step is the partial hospitalization program known as PHP. In this program, you will live in a sober living home or near the facility. There are fewer counseling and group sessions than in the inpatient setting and are allowed to go on visits periodically.


Once you complete the PHP program, you are then allowed to move on to the outpatient program. This is the least restrictive stage of rehab.  In this stage, you will live at home and go for counseling and group sessions often. At first, you may have one or two a week. But over time they will be spread out more and more.  In these sessions, you will learn to cope and live free from drugs. This may include life skills training, and some may need medication to help with this stage as well. Here at Compassion Behavioral Health, we know the struggles you go through to be clean from drugs and are there to help you be successful at it.

Treatment Centers In Hollywood FL

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