Synergy Prosthetics Understands Veterans

“Thank you for your service” is a popular term these days. U.S. military veterans are experiencing a level of public respect and appreciation not seen since World War II. Our veterans deserve the highest level of support our nation can provide. 

Synergy Prosthetics understands veterans and is ready to play a leading role in demonstrating our country’s respect and appreciation — and in a way no other Department of Veterans Affairs ancillary provider can. 

Synergy has been in business in California for over 40 years. During that time, we have served the VA well and have a great track record with veteran patients. We are very much aware most amputee patients are inconvenienced by the travel required to obtain care. This hardship can result in loss of motivation — especially when they wait for weeks and sometimes months before receiving their prosthetic devices. In 2014, we converted our traditional prosthetics and orthotics business model to the current mobile platform that defines us today.

We come to veterans at their home in our patient care vans and do much of the work right there, including all paperwork and documentation. This adds greatly to their comfort and convenience. Our speed of service and delivery of care is unmatched in the P&O industry. Our business model streamlines the entire process and helps keep the veteran on therapy caseload. This continued engagement with the veteran also shows them we remain indebted for their service and sacrifice.

Synergy believes our business model and mobile platform are perfect fits for the veteran amputee community and we are excited to service this patient population. Our success in the private sector has provided us the confidence and knowledge necessary to responsibly deploy our resources specific to the needs of the VA.

We are uniquely qualified and very confident in our ability to bring a special continuum of care and positive outcomes to veteran amputees. At Synergy we know what veterans need because we too are veterans — and we will always do everything we can to take care of our teammates.